Case Studies

Addiscombe Road, Croydon

Our involvement with this project provided the client with a tailored action plan, minimising costs and delays to the project from contamination whilst addressing all risks to the satisfaction of regulators.

The site comprised a former petrol filling station and car maintenance workshop. The development proposals for the site were to provide a mix of affordable social housing with communal gardens and a block of luxury apartments to the front of the site. We were commissioned to carry out complete ground contamination risk assessment and undertake geotechnical investigation of the site prior to its development.

The initial stages of our involvement with this project comprised undertaking a detailed desk study including the review of previous ground investigations carried out by others, the development of a conceptual model of ground contamination risks and provision of recommendations for further ground investigation works.

Having undertaken the recommended additional ground investigation works included Ashdown Site Investigation attended a series of meetings and corresponded with regulators to agree with them a specific remediation strategy and verification plan.  Subsequently Ashdown Site Investigation validated the remedial works undertaken on the site and provided a verification report to the regulators documenting the remedial works carried out and thus obtaining regulatory sign off at the end of the development process.

Addiscombe 2