Case Studies

Council Depot, Hampshire

Thieves had broken into a council owned vehicle maintenance and refuelling depot depot in Hampshire and cut a hole in the back of a large above ground diesel storage tank and stolen a quantity of fuel. The following morning a scheduled delivery of diesel (comprising some 10,000l) took place and, as a result of the as yet undiscovered damage to the tank, a significant volume of the fuel escaped directly onto the ground.

Ashdown Site Investigation Ltd. attended site the day the spillage occurred and supervised the removal of the soils which were visually noted to have been worst affected by the spill. During these works a concrete soakage chamber was uncovered. Over the following three days engineers attended site to supervise the further removal of soils. In situ testing and undertake further ground investigation works in the area around the tank confirmed the extent of the contaminated soils and demonstrated that the clean up works undertaken prevented a significant long term risk to the underlying chalk aquifer.

On successful completion of the clean up works the excavations were backfilled with imported soils. We carried out verification inspections and testing of these materials to show that they were suitable for use within the proposed areas.

Ashdown Site Investigation’s rapid response to the initial enquiry enabled the situation to be dealt with quickly which in turn prevented the spillage from impacting a wider area.

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