Desk Studies

Desk Studies are required for various purposes and should be the first step in any ground investigation, whether geotechnical or environmental. Commonly desk studies are required as part of the planning process where local authorities have concerns that ground contamination may be present. They are also often a requirement of building warrantors such as the NHBC or local authority building control.

A desk study is a review of available data on the current and historical uses of the site and the surrounding area. In addition to historical maps, local authority and environment agency records are reviewed and a walkover survey of the site is carried out to identify potential sources of contamination or geotechnical factors that may affect the project.

The desk study allows any subsequent ground investigation required to be properly targeted to ensure it is as efficient and accurate as possible.

Our desk study reports are prepared in line with current industry best practice. The concluding risk assessment, including a conceptual site model, is clearly presented along with recommendations for any further actions that may be required.