Gas and Groundwater Monitoring

As well as installing gas and groundwater monitoring standpipes using our own plant, our experienced technicians and engineers can also carry out monitoring and sampling of existing wells and standpipes using a range of in-house equipment.

All of our equipment is appropriately calibrated and sampling is carried out in full accordance with the relevant guidance documents.

Utilising data-loggers installed within boreholes, we can carry out continuous monitoring of groundwater levels. This data is particularly useful where groundwater levels beneath a site may be tidally influenced, or in low permeability soils where estimating the period for groundwater levels to reach equilibrium can be difficult to predict.  Where basement construction is proposed we would strongly recommend the use of data-loggers should be considered.

We can provide the results of the monitoring as a factual report, or alternatively we are happy to discuss your particular requirements with regard to interpretation of the results that may be needed.