Laboratory Testing

Geotechnical Testing

We carry out a comprehensive range of soil tests at our in house laboratory in East Sussex. Tests available include:

Classification Testing

  • Atterberg limits
  • Particle size distribution (wet sieve, dry sieve, pipette & hydrometer sedimentation)
  • Specific gravity
  • Saturated moisture content
  • Soil suction

Shear Strength

  • Triaxial compression
  • Shear box

Consolidation and Compaction Related Testing

  • One-dimensional consolidation (oedometer)
  • Moisture content/dry density relationship
  • California bearing ratio
  • Moisture Condition Value

All tests are carried out to BS1377:1990 the British Standard Code of Practice for Methods of Test for Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes or to other standards and codes where appropriate.

Chemical (Contamination) Testing

Working closely with UKAS and MCERTS accredited analytical laboratories, we offer a fast, cost effective contamination testing service for a comprehensive range of contaminants in soil, water and air.